Lakewood Apartments

Project: In 2005 CAH purchased an existing 8 unit apartment complex near downtown Calistoga that was in need of upgrades and repairs.  The property is comprised of 7 one-bedroom (approx. 650sf each) and 1 two-bedroom unit (approx. 750sf) in 3 buildings with a laundry facility, maintenance room and covered parking.  Since the property was vulnerable to a market rate developer renovating the units and raising the rents, CAH decided to step in to complete renovations but mainatain affordability.

The apartments are situated in downtown Calistoga within ½ mile of the downtown shopping areas, jobs, public schools and public transportation.  The neighborhood is a mix of single family homes interspersed with two story apartment buildings and small hotels and spas. 

Lakewood Apartments before

Lakewood Apartments after


Financing Commitments: Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) a nonprofit lender, provided the construction financing and the bulk of the permanent financing for this project.  Other permanent financing sources include the City of Calistoga and grants from Auction Napa Valley and the State's Joe Serna program.  

Residents:  The residences are affordable to households earning 60% of area median income (AMI) or below.  All of the existing tenants at purchase qualified as low income families. 

Development Team: CAH is the developer and owner of the project.  Joe Cabral of Cabral consulting provided project management services for the rehabilitation and upgrades.

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